Custom Jewellery



Custom Jewellery Surrey, BC

When you can’t find the jewellery you want in the showcase, Rochells will work one on one with you to create that custom, personalized piece you have always wanted. We know that there is uncertainty about having something made on faith, but we have the best guarantee in the world: simply that when we are done, you are happy…no fine print.

Meet with any of our senior staff to put your ideas to paper, focus your ideas and create sketches that will be brought to our goldsmith. Based on your specifications, Rochells will provide an estimate for the work, as well as a 3 dimensional wax rendition.

Do you have a jewellery design in mind? Would you like to redesign an older ring that just doesn’t get much wear anymore? Or maybe there is a style of ring that you just haven’t been able to find anywhere!

The Custom Design Process:

  • The design is carefully translated into a three dimensional wax model, which is then encased in a plaster of paris casting.
  • After several hours in a 550 degree celcius kiln, the wax evaporates, leaving an exact impression of the original wax model.
  • Using a centrifugal casting machine, molten gold is injected into the model to form the ring.
  • The basic ring shape (now in gold) is finished by hand, in preparation for the setting of the gems.
  • The diamonds are selected, and a magnificent ring is now ready to grace a finger!


Do you have jewellery that’s tired, retired and no longer used?

Perhaps the answer is simply to redesign it!

What is ‘redesigning’? It’s simply the very sensible, practical solution of taking diamonds and gems from old jewellery and creatively resetting them in a brand new design. It’s a really smart way of acquiring beautiful, contemporary jewellery while saving money!