Jewellery Repair and Sizing



It happens often; your damaged jewellery ends up in a drawer, unwearable and forgotten.

Rochells is a full-service jewellery store that offers expert jewellery repairs, from simple ring sizing to restoring a cherished family heirloom.  We treat each job equally and have the highest standards in repair work, we guarantee quality craftsmanship. Our high standards, along with the expertise of our knowledgeable staff, has helped build a foundation of trust with our clients and confidence in all the services we offer.

Too loose? Too tight? Your ring needs to be the perfect size to prevent any discomfort and to keep that important piece of jewellery from slipping off your finger! Visit us in store and have one of our trained associates properly size your finger. All sizings are done  through our expert goldsmith.

We offer free in store estimates. Your jewellery will be examined by both our knowledgeable staff and our goldsmith. You’ll receive a quote for your work with a GUARANTEE your job will not cost you more than your quote. Our staff will keep you informed during your repair process, ensuring you are made aware of any changes that may need to happen.