Jewellery, Insurance, Estate, & Probate Appraisals

at Rochells Jewellers Surrey, BC

We are plesed to provide an independent and unbiased appraisal service with Janneke Onnink, A fully qualified F.G.A Gemologist and appraiser with over 30 years of experience. Appraisals by Janneke are done on site. To book your appraisal, please give us a call or drop us a line at   The cost is $30 for the first item appraised and $20 for every subsequent item.

You may want to get your jewellery appraised for a variety of reasons; perhaps your insurance company has requested an appraisal or you like to find out the current value of an antique heirloom piece.

We offer three types of jewellery appraisals:

1. INSURANCE appraisals:  This includes a detailed description of your jewellery, informing you of the gold content and how the piece was manufactured. Coloured gemstones are tested and identified, diamonds are graded for clarity, colour and cut and the jewellery piece is valued at a current REPLACEMENT value.This value is what you would expect to pay in your favorite jewellery for your piece and is the value on which your insurance coverage is based. A photograph of your jewellery piece is available as well.  Today insurance coverage on your fine jewellery is very much advised as a loss can be devastating.

2. ESTATE or PROBATE appraisals:  These are needed for tax or estate purposes.The Estate value reflects the amount of money which can be obtained when the piece is sold in the most appropriate market.   This value is much lower than Insurance Replacement value.  It includes the same detailed description of your item.

3. FAIR MARKET VALUE: For a number of reasons, such as a divorce settlement you might need a fair market evaluation. This value is also much lower than your insurance replacement appraisal as it is for the amount of cash realized in an immediate sale.