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Discover the allure of KORITE, where nature's masterpiece meets exquisite craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Canadian Ammolite – a gemstone unparalleled in its beauty and rarity.

Each piece tells a unique story, millions of years in the making, now brought to life in stunning jewellery that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Shop now at Rochells Jewellers, where 20 years of passion meets the allure of KORITE's Canadian Ammolite. Serving Langley, Surrey, and White Rock residents with unwavering commitment, because you deserve nothing less than the extraordinary.

The widest selection of jewellery and watch brands at two independent, local jewellery store locations. Serving Surrey, Langley and White Rock Residents for over 20 Years.

With over 20 years of exceptional service for Surrey, Langley, and White Rock residents, Rochells Jewellers has become synonymous with expressions of love, friendship and pride through the beautiful jewellery we’ve offered to our clients to celebrate all of life’s special occasions. Our customers are often amazed by the vast selection of brand-name fine jewelry and watches we carry – giving them peace of mind that Rochells will always be their number one choice for quality jewellery gifts for any budget or occasion.

Rochells Jewellers Central City Surrey
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