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Rochells introduces Evolutionary Artisan Diamonds

At a time when people are becoming socially and environmentally conscious, new technologies and opportunities become available to provide consumers with more choice. Lab or artisan diamonds are 100% exactly like natural diamonds. The only difference is they are created with the same powerful forces found in nature - replicated within a lab. The outcome is never known - after a 28 day process - the diamond is grown within the lab from carbon and even a qualified gemologist cannot tell the difference and the diamond are graded strictly just as natural diamonds are. Since the process doesn't entail the use of expensive and limited resources in nature, the cost of producing them is much less. So not are you helping to save the planet's resources, you end up with a much more affordable and authentic diamond that is bigger and just as brilliant. Nobody can tell the difference. We invite you to explore our beautiful lab diamonds as an option for all your engagement and jewellery needs. Visit Rochells Jewellers at our Semiahmoo or Central City locations in BC.

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