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Rochells introduces Flexiti

The jewellery experts at Rochells Jewellers understand when customers require some flexibility and financing options when it comes to buying jewellery gifts. Here are some advantages to using our Canadian, award-winning financing partner, Flexiti.

  1. Easy and fast approval process: Flexiti offers a quick and easy approval process for financing options, which can be completed online or in-store. This makes it easier for customers to make purchases and get the financing they need without having to wait for days or weeks for approval.

  2. Wide range of financing options: Flexiti offers a wide range of financing options, including 0% interest and deferred payment plans, allowing customers to choose the plan that best fits their needs and budget.

  3. Flexible repayment terms: With Flexiti, customers can choose repayment terms ranging from six months to 60 months, making it easy to find a plan that works for their budget.

  4. No hidden fees: Flexiti does not charge any hidden fees, which means customers can be confident that they are getting a fair and transparent financing option.

  5. Convenience: With Flexiti, customers can apply for financing online or in-store, making it easy to get the financing they need when they need it.

  6. Acceptance: Flexiti is accepted at a wide range of retailers across Canada, making it easy for customers to use their financing options at the stores they love.

Overall, Flexiti offers a range of advantages for customers looking for flexible and convenient financing options for all your jewellery purchases.

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