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September Birthstone - Sapphire

When it comes to birthstones, September babies have the privilege of claiming the remarkable sapphire as their gem. Renowned for its stunning blue hues, the sapphire has captivated hearts and minds for centuries with its beauty, symbolism, and historical significance. In this blog, we will delve into the captivating world of the September birthstone, exploring its color, uniqueness, meaning, origin, and more.

What Color is Sapphire?

Sapphires are best known for their deep, velvety blue color, which has been admired by royals, celebrities, and gem enthusiasts alike. The color range of sapphires, however, is not limited to blue; they can be found in an array of colors including pink, yellow, green, and even colorless (known as white sapphires). The intensity and evenness of color greatly influence a sapphire's value.

How Do You Judge the Color of Sapphire?

The color of a sapphire is a critical factor in determining its quality and value. Deep, vivid blues are particularly prized, with the presence of secondary colors often impacting their appeal. Gemologists assess color using three main attributes:

  1. Hue: This refers to the primary color of the stone, such as blue, pink, or yellow. A pure and vivid hue is more valuable.

  2. Saturation: Also known as intensity, saturation refers to the strength of the color. Sapphires with strong, rich color are more desirable than those with a washed-out appearance.

  3. Tone: Tone describes how light or dark the color is. Ideally, sapphires should have a moderate to medium-dark tone that allows the color to shine without appearing too dark or too light.

When evaluating sapphires, it's essential to consider these color factors to choose a stone that resonates with your personal preferences and fits the desired aesthetic of your jewelry piece.

What is Unique About Sapphire?

One of the most unique features of sapphires is their remarkable durability, ranking just below diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness. This characteristic makes them a superb choice for engagement rings and daily wear jewelry. Beyond their toughness, sapphires also have a distinctive phenomenon known as asterism. Certain sapphires exhibit a star-like pattern on their surface due to the presence of needle-like inclusions, creating a mesmerizing effect when exposed to light.

Meaning and Folklore of Sapphire

Sapphires have been associated with various meanings and legends throughout history. In ancient times, sapphires were believed to protect wearers from harm and envy. They were also thought to symbolize wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. In medieval Europe, clergy members wore blue sapphires to symbolize heaven, and kings and queens believed sapphires had the power to attract blessings and ensure fidelity.

Where Does Sapphire Come From?

Historically, sapphires have been mined in diverse locations such as Sri Lanka, Burma (now Myanmar), and Kashmir. These regions have produced some of the most sought-after sapphires in the world. More recently, Madagascar, Australia, and Montana in the United States have become notable sources of sapphires. Each region's sapphires exhibit unique characteristics, from the velvety blues of Kashmir to the vibrant colors of Madagascar.

How to Buy Sapphire

When purchasing sapphire jewelry, it's essential to consider factors like color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The 4 Cs, commonly associated with diamonds, are equally relevant for sapphires. Selecting the right color that resonates with you and fits your preferences is paramount. The cut of the stone affects its brilliance, and a well-cut sapphire will showcase its color to its fullest potential.


Sapphires are versatile gemstones that can be worn year-round. Their captivating blue color complements both warm and cool tones, making them a timeless choice for any occasion.


The affordability of sapphires varies greatly depending on factors such as size, color, and quality. While some sapphires can be more modestly priced, larger and higher-quality stones can command a premium.


The quality of a sapphire is determined by factors such as color saturation, clarity, and cut. A high-quality sapphire will exhibit a vibrant and evenly distributed color, minimal visible inclusions, and a well-proportioned cut that maximizes brilliance. When evaluating sapphires, it's crucial to examine these attributes to ensure you're investing in a gemstone of exceptional quality and beauty.

September's birthstone, the sapphire, is a gem of extraordinary beauty and significance. Whether you're drawn to its deep blue hue, its historical symbolism, or its unique optical phenomena, the sapphire is a gemstone that truly captivates the heart and mind. If you're considering adding a sapphire to your collection, explore the exquisite range of sapphire jewelry at Rochells Jewellers. With two independent, local jewelry store locations, Rochells Jewellers has been serving the Surrey, Langley, and White Rock communities for two decades, offering the widest selection of jewelry and watch brands to suit every taste and style. Embrace the allure of the sapphire and celebrate September birthdays in style.

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