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Sparkle with Canadian Pride: 50% Off on Select Maple Leaf Diamonds™ Jewellery

As Canada Day Long Weekend approaches from June 30 to July 3, it's time to celebrate the beauty of Canada with exquisite Maple Leaf Diamond Jewellery. Join us at Rochells Jewellers as we commemorate this special occasion by offering a 50% off on select Maple Leaf Diamond™ Jewellery. Additionally, we are thrilled to highlight the exceptional talent of renowned Canadian diamond jewellery designer, Shelly Purdy. Let's explore the enchanting collections and discover the perfect piece to honor Canada's splendor.

Embrace the Seasons with Maple Leaf Diamonds™

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking allure of Canada's four seasons with the Maple Leaf Diamonds™ Four Seasons Medallion Pendant. Crafted by skilled artisans, this stunning pendant captures the essence of each season: the awakening of spring, the fragrant roses of summer, the fiery maple leaves of autumn, and the gentle beauty of winter's falling snow. Hand-made with rose and 14kt white Canadian Certified Gold, this pendant shimmers with round brilliant-cut Canadian diamonds, reflecting the exquisite beauty of Canada's ever-changing landscape.

Discover the Enchanted Garden and Willow Collections

Indulge in the captivating beauty of the Maple Leaf Diamonds™ Enchanted Garden Ring. This mesmerizing piece features the perfect harmony of rose and white gold, adorned with diamonds entwined in a passion-infused enchanted garden design. Crafted in 14kt Canadian Certified Gold, the ring dazzles with round brilliant-cut Canadian diamonds and diamond-set rims. It is a true celebration of nature's enchantment and the elegance of Canadian craftsmanship.

Experience the allure of the Maple Leaf Diamonds™ Willow Tassel Pendant, inspired by the majesty of a lone willow tree on a serene riverbank. Crafted with 14kt yellow Canadian Certified Gold, this pendant showcases fiery round brilliant-cut Canadian and accent diamonds, creating a mesmerizing display of elegance. The warm hue of the gold highlights the brilliance of the diamonds, capturing the essence of a perfect summer's day.

Unparalleled Quality and Ethical Sourcing:

Every Maple Leaf Diamond™ of 0.30ct or more comes with a certificate of origin, guaranteeing its Canadian origin and natural, untreated nature. Rest assured that these diamonds comply with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, ensuring ethical and responsible sourcing. Set in Canadian Certified Gold, which is mined and refined within Canada, each piece reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability. Moreover, Shelly Purdy includes a designer's inspiration message with each purchase, adding a personal touch to your cherished jewellery.

Authenticity and Uniqueness:

Maple Leaf Diamonds™ goes above and beyond to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of every diamond. Each stone is laser-inscribed with a tracking number and the iconic Maple Leaf Diamond™ insignia, assuring its quality and provenance. When you wear a Maple Leaf Diamond™, you carry a piece of Canada's natural beauty and heritage, knowing that it is truly one-of-a-kind.

Celebrating Canadian Design with Shelly Purdy

Toronto jewellery designer Shelly Purdy is renowned for her unmistakable style and exceptional quality. Using Canadian diamonds, rose-cut diamonds, and colored stones in gold, platinum, and sterling silver, she creates breathtaking pieces that capture the essence of Canada. As the exclusive designer for the Maple Leaf Diamonds™ 'Seasons' collection, Shelly celebrates the delicate buds of spring, sparkling summer lakes, earthy autumn forest trails, and the serene beauty of winter's gently falling snow. Each design is meticulously crafted in her jewellery studio located in the Toronto Beaches, ensuring that every piece reflects the true spirit of Canada.

This Canada Day, celebrate in style by adorning yourself with the remarkable beauty of Maple Leaf Diamond™ Jewellery. Explore the captivating collections and find the perfect piece that resonates with your love for Canada.

Visit Rochells Jewellers to take advantage of our exclusive 50% off offer and experience the elegance of Shelly Purdy's designs. Embrace the spirit of Canada and create lasting memories with Maple Leaf Diamond™. 🍁

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