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Supporting a Surrey artist featuring a silver Aletheia Goddess pendant

This pendant is made with 925 silver, and is approximately .875 Inches in Diameter. Pendant with chain is now available at Rochells Jewellers. Buy this for the strong women in your life or gift it youself. 

Who is The Lady of Bright Mettle™? 

Her name is Aletheia, (or Al for short). The Lady of Bright Mettle™ is the Goddess of Courage, Spirit, Tenacity & Heart I know this because I met her. She is you and she is me. 

Aletheia was named after the Greek Goddess of Truth, Remembering and the Unhidden. She comes to us to be a divine presence in the 21st Century. She knows her own worth and does not hide her light, truth, or who she is. She reminds us daily, with every spark of intuition and every gut feeling, of our own truth. She urges us to speak of our beliefs, and holds up a mirror for us to really see who we are.

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